The role

The uncontrolled growth of human activities in the last century has eroded the planet’s balance to a dangerous extent. Just because nature reacts with regeneration – wherever it may – and not with a vengeful destruction against the perpetrator – human, we are the ones who have to change our attitude and become friendlier, since we know it.

The value of acquaintance with N.M.P.A.N.S., as well as with any natural area, is multidimensional. It serves recreational, educational and scientific purposes and also has a deeper cultural and educational character.

Most visitors come to Alonissos to enjoy the sea, the island, the hospitality of the locals and nature. When we are in a protected area, we must respect nature twice and be discreet and careful not only with every form of life but also with the abiotic factors of the ecosystem.

For detailed information on the specific regulations that are in effect to N.M.P.A.N.S. the visitor is advised to contact the Management Body of the Marine Park in Patitiri, which is the competent authority for giving permits to enter the Park as well as permissions for activities within the Park. Next to the Management Body’s office there is also the Information Center.

Visitors to the N.M.P.A.N.S. with yachts can communicate for information with Port Authority of Alonissos on VHF Channel 12. Patrol boats, which are very likely to approach you while you are in the Park, are doing an important work by monitoring the proper implementation of the special regulations applicable to the area but also informing about them. The compliance with their suggestions and the provision of all necessary assistance to their work is an obligation of every visitor.

In case of an injured or dead seal or dolphin or bird, visitors should inform the Management Body of N.M.P.A.N.S. or the Port Authority of Alonissos. They must do the same in the case of pollution detection. Plus, if you become a witness of any illegality, please contact the authorities and not approach the wrongdoers or request any information from them.

The cutting and the destruction of the plants as well as the harassment in any way of the seal and other animals that are living in the area is strictly forbidden. It is allowed only the wildlife watching from a safe distance.

The garbage should end up in the garbage containers that exist at different points or when they are not nearby should be kept until a suitable point is found, for which we need to make sure that it is served regularly by refinement. You should be aware that some types of trash, such as plastic bags, may be fatal traps for small animals.

Due to the high risk of fire, especially during the summer months, the use of fire is strictly forbidden. Also the free camp is forbidden in the whole Park.

The avoidance of noise for watching the wildlife in their habitats is a necessary condition. Disturbing noises must be avoided and special attention is required from high-speed boat operators.

Proper implementation of the legislation is essential for the proper administration of the Marine Park ecosystems and every effort should be made to achieve this goal. It is important for visitors to realize that all restrictions and regulations are ultimately aimed at protecting this sensitive and important ecosystem.