Characterization of the land and sea areas of Northern Sporades as National Marine Park (FEK No. 621/19.6.203)

Supplementary declaration of the whole island of Kyra Panagia, Municipality of Alonissos N. Sporades and the environment of this declared Marine Park of N. Sporades as an archaeological site (FEK No. 660/4.8.87).

Approval of the definition of a marine archaeological site of Northern Sporades – Alonissos (FEK No. 1741/3.8.2011)


Underwater fishing

According to the decision of the 6th meeting (28.7.2011) of the Governing Council representing the Management Body of N.M.P.A.N.S., underwater fishing is allowed ONLY in the areas designated by FEK No. 1741/3.8.2011 as:

  • Area 1: The coastline to the north of Steni Vala (Alonissos Island), from the cape Apithmenos to the area located to north of the beach of Ag. Dimitrios (Alonissos Island).
  • Area 4: The bay of Spartina (Alonissos Island).
  • Area 11: The bay of Klima (Peristera Island).
  • Area 13: The coastline to the east of the island of Megalos Aderfos.