Become a volunteer

Become a volunteer

Environmentally aware individuals are invited to offer volunteer work at the first National Marine Park in Greece and the largest in the Mediterranean, which was established in 1992. Volunteers will help the Management Body of the NMPANS, with its difficult task of effectively protecting and managing this unique ecosystem of biological and cultural value. The Park area is one of the most important sites for the monk seal (Monachus monachus), a species that is on the list of the most endangered mammals in the world.

The Management Body invites volunteers to assist in the everyday operational program of the protection of the Park, which includes office and field works.

Those who are interested should carefully read the following information about the voluntary work they are invited to offer.

Office Work

The Park’s offices are located in Patitiri, Alonissos, where volunteers should be prepared to work on office tasks including archiving, typing texts, contributing to the creation of the Documentation Center, tasks based on computer applications, such as updating databases or creating presentations for the public etc., public awareness (local community, visitors, scouts), creation of informative and educational material, and implementation of environmental and educational actions.

The Information Center operates next to the offices of the Park, where volunteers with communication skills will inform the visitors about the permitted activities within the Park as well as for the protection of the ecosystem and they will give them informative material.

Field Work

Field works include monitoring of the implementation of regulatory measures and regulations applicable to the Park, monitoring of the state of the environment and its parameters and awareness of the users of the Park.

Patrols with the boat are carried out on a daily basis to control activities in the area, to supervise and guard the Park and to inform visitors of the Park.

During voluntary work, volunteers will be allowed to take part in a daily patrol, when this becomes possible and will thus be able to observe closely the species of the Marine Park and realize its enormous biological value.

They should be prepared to assist the staff of the boat to inform the visitors of the Park who will be found at the sea as well as to help in the implementation of the environmental status monitoring programs that assess the situation of various ecosystem parameters and are evaluated the effectiveness of management measures.
During the summer various activities are carried out by the staff of the Management Body in collaboration with the volunteers, such as cleaning the beaches and hiking trails of Alonissos.

There is also the possibility to develop a research project for students and researchers wishing to undertake their undergraduate/postgraduate thesis or internship in the Marine Park.


Working and living conditions

The tasks of the volunteers and their work schedule are determined in the first days of arrival in Alonissos, in a spirit of mutual understanding and discussion. Their tasks will be carried out with the assistance of the Management Body’s staff and frequent meetings are organized to assess the progress of the work and to solve problems. The volunteers will be trained and supervised by Park staff.

The Office’s duties include information and public awareness at the Information Center in Patitiri.

Volunteers for staying and offering 15-day voluntary work are entitled to 2 days free for their own activities.

The expenses our volunteers will have are their transport costs to and from the island and their everyday personal expenses, while the Management Body provides free accommodation at the “Volunteer House” located in Patitiri, 2 minutes from the Park’s offices and the Information Center. The house has two bedrooms (from 2-4 single beds each), a living room, a kitchen (fully equipped) and a bathroom. Volunteers should bring their own sheets and towels for their stay.


General requirements

  • Applicants must be over 18 and must be covered by a personal health insurance policy. Volunteers are selected on an individual basis. Groups of more than two persons are not accepted for the same period of time.
  • Volunteers should be willing to offer volunteer work for at least 2 weeks (Long-term participation is highly appreciated).
  • Necessary qualification for volunteers is the knowledge of English and the very good knowledge of computers.
  • Volunteers need to be social people to adapt to teamwork, working with other team members. The ability to live and work with people from different cultures and backgrounds is essential.
  • In the Information Center, volunteers need to wear comfortable and decent clothes in order to be able to work with the general public.
  • It is always useful if volunteers can bring their laptop, as often the office computers are not enough for the needs of staff and volunteers.
  • There are no requirements for engaging in activities that require particular muscle strength, at least to the extent that a normal person could not respond.
  • They should be prepared to take part in all activities assigned to them and be prepared to work sometimes long hours and under difficult conditions.


After the completion of their work, volunteers are asked to record in writing their experiences during their stay and work at NMPANS. The Managing Body provides letter of recommendation when requested.

“If you want to help to protect the environment, by offering volunteer work with others who have the same desire and interest as you, then you have joined in.”
Send (by email or post) your CV, a cover letter describing the main reasons you want to offer volunteer work to NMPANS, and a photo of you.

Applicants will be informed the first half of May each annual volunteer program.

Contact address

Management Body of National Marine Park of Alonissos Northern Sporades

37005, Alonissos, Greece


Tel.: 24240 66378/66419

Fax: 24240 66376