The implement of a licensing system allows the Management Body to:

  • Reduce potential negative impacts on “sensitive” ecosystems and areas used by a large number of visitors.
  • Encourage responsible behavior by all users of the Park.
  • Collect valuable information about the effective management of the Park
  • Monitor activities that may have serious negative impacts on the ecosystem of the Park.
  • Recognize and separate activities that are potentially conflicting.

Before you engage in any activity within the Park, it is a good idea to check if this activity is allowed, according to the regulatory measures in force, and if necessary, issue a special permission. For any clarification, please contact the offices of the Management Body of N.M.P.A.N.S. on the phones 24240 66378/66419. The map with the zones and the regulations that governing the Marine Park, can be obtained from the Management Body’s office in Patitiri or from the Park’s website.


In general, the following activities require a license:

  1. Most commercial type of activities like professional and sport fishing, agricultural, livestock and tourism activities mainly for the A zone.
  2. The construction, operation and maintenance of infrastructure such as piers, marinas, aquaculture facilities, etc.
  3. The restoration of the archaeological sites, mooring, etc.
  4. Research
  5. Educational programs.


Contact our Office to learn about licensing procedure.