Main Goal

The main goal of the Management Body of N.M.P.A.N.S. is to combine the conservation of biodiversity and the protection of ecosystems with the rise of the economic growth and social cohesion according to the principles of sustainable development. More specifically, the aims are:

  • The development of the local anthropogenic activities to conform to the protection of the natural environment.
  • The participation of all the citizens and social groups, without discrimination, in the benefits of the management of the region.
  • The active involvement of the local community in the care and development of the Marine Park.
  • The dispersion and dissemination of debts resulting from the sustainable management of the region, not only within the narrow limits of the Marine Park, but also in a wider geographical, economic and social frame.
  • The strengthening cooperation with local authorities, universities and non-governmental organizations as well as active citizens.
  • The pursuit of the participation of all the competent authorities in the management of N.M.P.A.N.S. through the dissemination and use of the results of research and other programs.
  • The involvement of the Management Body in the economic development of the region, in accordance with the general principles and goals of the Management Body.
  • The achievement of the completed management of the Marine Park through active governance and constant improvement of management methods.
  • The accomplishment of the effective handling of the Marine Park, mainly through the commitment of the local community to the protection of the N.M.P.A.N.S. and the understanding and acceptance of regulatory measures and management plans.
  • The minimization of the operating costs of the Marine Park according to the needs and the specific goals of the Management Body.