Surveillance and Guard

The supervision and the patrol of such a large area require a responsible and systematic approach. The surveillance boat patrols the entire area of the Park on a daily basis, recording the environment conditions and controlling the activities in the area.

The Management Body believes that education and information are the most effective strategy for encouraging public compliance with principles and rules governing the Park.

However, the strict application of the law and the penalties are two important tools in the hands of Park guards, who have the discretion to decide when to apply them.

It is obvious that the role of all those who active in the Park, for either entertainment or commercial purposes, is vital for the supervision and enforcement of the regulatory measures in place. The reporting of illegal activities by the general public (fishermen, tourists, etc.) is an important source of information for the effective guarding of the Park and should not be underestimated.


Means of surveillance, control & research

The Management Body of N.M.P.A.N.S. used to have two inflatable speed boats of 8.20m and 6.50m each, for the surveillance, inspection, research and guard of the Marine Park area.

Since April 2009, the Management Body has its own research vessel, which is a 14m long polyester high speed boat, with two diesel engines (2 × 370 hp).